Auto Attack

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  • Run skill without Right Click.
  • Say no with Hold Right Click ("Kẹp chuột").
  • Say no with third-party tool.

How to

Please type command with below format:
/auto [mode] [list of skill number]

  • on
  • off
[list of skill number]
  • count from left to right, start by 1
  • maximum 5 skill

/auto on 1 2 3 4 5

Effective Range

In Player Viewport.

Supported skills

  1. Poison (Phong Doc)
  2. Meteorite (Thien Thach)
  3. Thunder (Phong Set)
  4. Fireball (Qua Cau Lua)
  5. Flame (Cot Lua)
  6. Ice (Dong Bang)
  7. Twister (Loc Xoay)
  8. Evil Spirits (Trieu Tap Linh Hon)
  9. Hell Fire (Lua Dia Nguc)
  10. Power Wave (Song Am)
  11. Aqua Beam (Luong Nuoc Xanh)
  12. Comet Fall (Mua Sao Bang)
  13. Inferno (Vong Tron Lua)
  14. Soul Shield (Vong Nang Luong)
  15. Energy Ball (Qua Cau Nang Luong)
  16. Defense (Phong Thu)
  17. Upper Cut (Chem Xuong)
  18. Stabbing (Dam)
  19. Hacking (Chem Xoay Len)
  20. Whirl Cut (Chem Xoay Ngang)
  21. Multiple Slash (Chem Anh Sang)
  22. Multiple Shot (Tan Cong Lien Hoan)
  23. Heal (Phuc Hoi Mau)
  24. Defensive Aura (Tang Suc Phong Thu)
  25. Offensive Aura (Tang Suc Sat Thuong)
  26. Summon Goblin (Goi Yeu Tinh)
  27. Summon Golem (Goi Nguoi da)
  28. Summon Assassin (Goi Nhan gia)
  29. Summon Elite Yeti (Goi Da nhan)
  30. Summon Darkknight (Goi Ky si bong dem)
  31. Summon Bali (Goi Quai vat mot sung)
  32. Summon Soldier (Goi Chien binh)
  33. Twisting Slash (Xoay Kiem)
  34. Rageful Blow (Dia Chan)
  35. Death Stab (Dam Gio)
  36. Spit Fire (Dam Xoay)
  37. Light of life (Gong Mau)
  38. Fire Slash (Phun Lua)
  39. Ice Bound Arrow (Mui Ten Bang)
  40. Penetration Arrow (Xuyen Tam Tien)
  41. Ultimate Attack (Chem Lua)