MiniMap System

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MiniMap System

In order to provide better game play on classic game, we developed a custom MiniMap system.

How to use

Please use [TAB] key to switch on/off and change mode.

There are 3 mode as below
  1. Small:
  2. Medium:
  3. Large:
There are some Icon color
  1. Red: Your Player
  2. Cyan: Other Player (in Viewport)
  3. Green: NPC (in Map)
  4. Yellow: Monster (in Viewport)
  5. Blue Violet: Gate (in Map)

Supported Map List

  1. Lorencia
  2. Dungeon
  3. Devias
  4. Noria
  5. Losttower
  6. Atlans
  7. Tarkan
  8. Icarus